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Adventurebilt – The shirt

Nowadays a lot of functional wardrobe available are made of synthetics in all the colors you could think of. They feature almost everything you need. Humidity transport, a modern cut and funny applications. However there is one thing that they do not have. The style of yesteryear. The Adventurebilt shirt is made from 100% high grade cotton –handmade – cut to fit close to your body and designed to make you look good whether you are wearing suit and tie or an old leather jacket.

This type of shirt was also worn by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the movie „Raiders of the lost Ark“ . While speaking of accuracy and being true to the original: The shirt in the movie has pockets that end directly in line with the placement of one of the buttons. Feel free to compare. Our shirts are made to match the original down to the smallest of details. When it comes to the quality, we have our own high standards. What you get here, is an authentic, sturdy shirt. Not a piece of costume clothing.

Adventurebilt – The holster

Made from 1/8“ thick tough cow hide, with a massive belt loop and a both tough and authentic flap strap and a solid brass connecting rod. The holster is completely hand crafted and hand sewn. It’s made to carry a S&W HE2 N-frame revolver with a 4“ barrel. However other handguns with similar measurements will fit safely in our holster as well.

The difference between ours and other holsters of similar appearance, is – among others – that the leather isn’t spray painted and the seams are put in entirely by hand. No mass produced machine fabrication. Each holster is unique with character and style. If you desire, we can distress the holster for you. You would then receive a holster that looks as if you have been wearing it on adventures all over the globe for several years, the minute you take it out of the package.

AB Holster AB Holster AB Holster
AB Holster AB Holster AB Holster

Adventurebilt - Hat Brush

This exclusive hat brush is made of oiled pear wood and is available with dark or light bristles.

AB Hat Brush

THE Alden Boots

In close collaboration with New England’s last traditional shoe manufacturer „Alden Shoe Company“ we succeeded in re-creating THE hero boots exactly as they were worn by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the lost Ark from the year 1981. From the tanning of the leather, via the true to original dying, to the very last detail of the construction: not only alike. Not replicated. The original.

If you expect only the highest standards regarding quality, craftmanship and durability to shoes, you will, without a doubt, hear about Alden Shoe Company again and again anyway.

The Adventurebilt Alden Boots are special made for Adventurebilt and solely sold by us. The price however is the same as the – in Europe anyway hard to get by - standard version: 550,- Euro plus shipping. Please contact us for guidance and delivery times.

AB Alden Boots
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