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Introducing 'The Henry'
Regarding The Henry is like comparing an old, handmade fountain pen to a modern piece, on which a small part is machined, while the finishing remains traditional craftmanship from hand. Our demand was to offer our customers an affordable alternative to our 100% handmade Adventurebilt Deluxe - the AB-Dlx.. While the AB-Dlx. is made for customers who appreciate handcraft and tradional workmanship and who is willing to pay this time and effort, The Henry is for customers who recognise and value quality but remain looking for a more affordable alternative. As such the blocking of The Henry is processed mechanically, the sewing of the ribbon - which is the exact same as on the AB-Dlx. - however is done by hand again, with help of an old hatters sewing machine. The felt of The Henry contains 20% finest beaver fur. In short a quality and style of the hats as they were made in the 20's and 30's of the past century and which are hard to find nowadays. Though - in opposite to it's bigger brother - The Henry is exclusively offered in full sizes, you shouldn't pass up on the opportunity to feel the silky / velvet like surface of this finely pounced felt, nor the butter soft grip of the leather sweatband.

Due to the high demand, we're proud to offer The Henry hand creased by us to your specifications, before shipping directly from our stock to you. Please contact us for further details.

The Henry is available in brown or grey. In the future however, it is planned to offer further colors.

The price for one Henry is 299,- Euro plus shipping.

For further contacts and orders, please contact us at: info@adventurebilt.com

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The Henry The Henry The Henry
The Henry The Henry
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