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Our hats are like tailored suits. First class materials and craftmanship that is hard to find nowadays. A piece of wardrobe, that only fits a single individual. You.

A hat is not purchased as you walk past it, just as little as you would buy a high end coat, a pair of expensive, exclusive shoes or a fountain pen that you want to give to a dear friend. Same holds true with our hats. The most suitable thing would be to visit us in person and plan on spending at least one hour of your time here. During which we can have a good conversation about your hat over a cup of coffee and or a glass of whisky and a good cigar. It is most important for us to know what you have in mind. Which style suits you best, what color. The shape of the hat must suit your headshape and compliment your appearence. Emphasize you. The hat must suit you. Not contrary. Once we have found the color, the shape and the material for your hat, the technical part is about to start. If you are interested in finding out more, please have a look at the „Making of“ section. There you will find all the steps explained in detail. If you have any questions about how a hat is made or about the materials used, feel free to contact us.

In case you cannot visit us, be it due to time issues or because you live too far away, please write or call at any time. We will do anything to please you. We will attend and support you in any concerns on the search for your personal hat. The Adventurebilt Deluxe.

The turnaround times vary quite a bit and change with the current order situation. As a rule of thumb, please give us eight to nine months after your order has been placed. Prices for a hand crafted Adventurebilt Deluxe with a raw edge brim starts at 599,- Euro (plus shipping) and 699,- Euro for an Adventurebilt Deluxe with a hand sewn bound brim edge. Our semi-handmade 'The Henry' series is available for 299,- Euro (plus shipping). Kindly have a look at The Henry section in the menu on the left side for more information. Of course there are hardly any limits of variations. We can manufacture almost any hat you could think of. In that case we will glady give you a personal quote.
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