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For those interested in a beautifully custom crafter fedora, made with the same care and attention to detail that prevailed in the early 20th century, I highly recommend the expert hatmaking services of Mr. Marc Kitter. He is truly a skilled artisan and a master of his craft. My Adventurebilt Deluxe exceeded my wildest expectations, and it single handedly put an end to my 15 year quest to find the perfect fedora. I had gone through countless other brands and had spent untold sums of money looking for a hat that embodied the classic character of the "Raiders" fedora but would also be rugged enough to wear on the hiking trails or out camping in the wild. Mr. Kitter delivered, and provided me with a fantastic hat that matches up with all the of key details I was hoping to duplicate from the iconic "Raiders" fedora, while being durable enough to handle some of the harshest weather conditions (tropical heat, torrential rains) and classy enough to be worn with a finely tailored suit for a night out on the town.

Marc's service is outstanding. He and I discussed several issues I had with hat size and brim dimensions on some of my other hats. He listened intently to my concerns and created a hat that is easily the best fitting fedora I have ever worn, and with a brim that fits my face shape perfectly. Marc takes his craft, his service and his reputation very seriously, and he will do whatever it takes to ensure his customers are satisfied.

If you are looking for a beautifully crafted, custom fedora, made with the finest materials one could imagine, the choice is obvious. I challenge anyone to find a nicer and more durable hat at ANY price.

Griffith Reidy

The Adventurebilt Deluxe is the finest hat I have ever encountered at any price. What makes it the best? It's completely handmade from the finest materials, built to stand up to a lifetime of punishment, and looks like a dream. The attention to detail is second to none. The felt is beautiful, soft to the touch, and tough as nails. There is no craftsman more passionate about hats than Marc Kitter. I have owned and encountered plenty of fedoras in my time, but I only buy hats from Marc now. I will never buy a hat from another company again.

Andy Saigh

Hi, Marc --

Well, my new AB Deluxe arrived safe and sound on my doorstep today. Wow - that was fast! I cannot tell you how delighted I am with my new lid. The felt on this hat is just extraordinary - it's all I can do to stop running my hands over it! The finish on the felt is beautiful - silky smooth and soft. What I love, too, is that the felt also feels substantial. What a great combination! The color is absolutely gorgeous - I love that beautiful rich shade of brown. The ribbon just has a great vintage look against the felt.

I didn't quite know what to expect in terms of the "roo" sweatband, but I now see what you mean - it does seem to be tough as nails, but at the same time very beautiful. I love that shade of brown, as well. And, of course, the liner is a perfect complement to the entire hat. I think that the dimensions that I selected with your help were exactly the right call - I can't wait to put a crease in this lid!

Marc, your workmanship is impeccable, and I am certainly proud to own a hat that has been hand-made by you. I truly wish all good things for you as the "Crystal Skull" saga unfolds. You deserve your share of credit and praise for the incredible work that I know we will all see come May 22. :-)

All the best in the days ahead - this should be a fun ride!

And, again - many thanks for such an incredible hat.

Best regards,
Jim Williams

I recently received my Adventurebilt shirt and I am highly impressed. The design is highly accurate to the original film used shirts, and the color is nearly an exact match. The fabric used captures that very distinctive look of the original shirts perfectly. The shirt fits me very well, better than the majority of "off the rack" sized shirts I've purchased. All in all this AB shirt is an excellent, high quality, detailed reproduction of the Indy shirt at a very reasonable price. To those looking to add an Indy shirt to their collection, I highly recommend it.

Griffith Reidy

Adventurebilt is by far the best hat for the buck you can get out there and Marc, using ONLY the BEST materials he can get, gives you luxury class five star service and products. AB makes nothing but pure works of art, that just happen to be of practical use. To able to own one of their historic items is an honour for me. Best wishes and thanks AB.

Bezalel Charles Shakarov

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about how much I love my Adventurebilt Deluxe hats. The materials are the best I've ever felt on a hat, and the craftsmanship is truly exquisite. They really are pieces of art, and I can tell you love making hats since that care and quality comes out in the finished product. These hats are so fine, I almost hesitate to wear them too much for fear they might get damaged. But then I remember that they're Adventurebilt Deluxes, and thus, tough as nails!

I've been searching for the ultimate Indy hat since Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981. Thanks to you, Marc, and your fabulous hats, I've found it. Without a doubt, the best hats I've ever owned, bar none. Keep on producing these works of art, and I'll keep buying. These hats would be worth twice as much as what is being charged. I say it because I mean it, and as evidence, I've already ordered another hat.

You are just a joy to work with in getting my measurements and choosing a style of hat. What is amazing is that even though you are an ocean away from where I live, the very first hat you sent me was absolutely perfect in size and bash. I have an odd shaped head, and you were able to get the fit just right. Oh, and did I forget to mention what a great guy you are? Excellent customer service and communication.

Thanks again, Marc, for offering us Indy fans the finest Indy hat on the market!

Mason Chiang

The shirt:
Upon receiving my AB shirt I knew this was the shirt I'd been looking for that couldn't be found. It arrived right before a weekend away of hiking and that shirt got put to its test! Its extremely comfortable to wear, the material breathes really well and the colour is great. I'm honored to have this as part of my collection.

The buckle:
This really is the only screen accurate buckle on the market. Upon putting it on one of my bag straps, and headed for the mirror to have a look I swear I could here the Raiders march!

The holster:
The AB holster is brilliant. Its made from a high quality leather and extremely well made and most importantly looks like the Raiders holster should! Also with some distressing the colour came up better! Sadly my other holsters have been laid to res t as this one takes pride of place on my gear!

Josh Cardno

The Adventurebilt Deluxe is quite simply the finest hat I have ever seen. I am hard pressed to imagine anyone making a better hat that Marc Kitter. He manages the all-too-rare combination of attention to detail, rigorous adherence to the highest standards of quality, and unyielding devotion to responding to and satisfying his customer. I cannot recommend his work highly enough.

Matthew Henderson
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